Sunday 10 December 2017


While working in the vault earlier this week I happened upon a 1912 Christmas catalogue from E Harmer, Ltd of Norton. Information from Lillas Reid's book "The Road to Norton" is that this store was built about 1897 by James Price. In 1912 you could buy 4 lbs of Mixed Candy for 25 cts, Rolled Oats were 7 lbs for 25cts and Black Pepper was 25c per lb. Fancy Barbados Molasses was marked down from .45 per gal to .43 (or you could buy it by the barrel for .40 gal). You could get fruits such as grapes, oranges, apples and lemons or nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, filberts and almonds. Seasonal items included men's Christmas braces for 50c to 75c, ladies embroidered linen collars for 15c, 20c, and 25c each. Mr Harmer pointed out that it was no longer necessary for people to send their money to Toronto as E Harmer, Ltd could "sell you your goods as low as you can buy them anywhere in Canada."

Happy Christmas shopping!

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