Sunday 28 January 2018

I Do . . .

I Do . . .
With Valentine's Day approaching this is good time to share a few of the wedding dresses we have in our textile collection. Traditionally brides did not have a "wedding" dress, but rather wore their "best" dress for the marriage, or if they had a new dress for the wedding it was often black or blue and intended to become her best dress. White did not become popular for wedding dresses until after the mid-19th century when Queen Victoria chose to wear white for her marriage, after which the wealthier families began wearing white dresses made specifically for the marriage.
We have a number of gowns in our collection, a few of which are:
1. A dress worn by Mary Steeves for her 1880's marriage to Wilford Burwell Jonah.
2. A 1908 dress made by Ethel McLeod Good for her wedding to Oscar Frederick Deakin.
3. A dress worn by Mary Shanklin for her marriage to Rev. Sedgewick A Bayley, about 1907.
4. A gown from the wedding of Grace Winnifred MacKay in 1909
5. A dress worn by Annie Frost Wetmore for her 1913 wedding to William Stirling Parlee.

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