Wednesday 2 October 2019

What is Museum Anyway?

I was reading an interesting article this morning attempting to define what exactly IS a museum in today's world? There were many attempts to define exactly what makes a museum a unique experience. After all, as the author said, "To non-museum goers, the line between museum and not-museum is blurry. Museums are quality learning spaces, but so are libraries. Museums are experiences, but so is Disney. Museums house things, but so do libraries. Museums are adjacent and overlap so many other things."
She concludes: "We aren’t just buildings with collections. We are the places people go to learn. We are the people who collect for the future. We are conveners of communities. We are the real in a world full of fake. We are the best of society and the worst—all there to remind people about both. We are humanity on display. We are nature in its most wonderous. We are what society needs today, tomorrow, and hopefully forever."
The Kings County Museum is glad you are all part of our community as we attempt to live up to such lofty goals in our little corner of the world. Thank you for your support.

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