Monday 9 April 2018

1923 Spring Flood

1923 Spring Flood in Hampton
As each Spring arrives many of us are looking at the rivers and creeks around us and wondering what the water levels will be this year. In a newspaper account from 1923 it was reported: "This last week is one that will be remembered for many years to come on account of the severe freshet that has covered the bridges and railway tracks, surrounding and entered a number of dwellings at the village and station.This is the first time since 1887 that boats had to be used to get from the village to the station. The bridge over the creek is completely covered in water and partly washed away, and the road for several rods is covered by water [Note: a rod is approximately 16.5 feet]. The houses along Langstroth Terrace have to be reached by boats and several houses nearer the river bank are completely surrounded, one family having to live upstairs as the water had entered the downstairs. Several barns are washed away. The amount of damage done is great."
The 1923 flooding along the Saint John River and its tributaries resulted in estimated damages totaling $532 million in today's dollars.New Brunswick's River Watch Program for the 2018 freshet season started on March 12, 2018 and as of yesterday there are no flood risks reported.If you want the latest information on flooding this spring you can go the government website or access the mobile app at…/

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