Saturday 5 September 2015

Long to Reign Over Us

An historic milestone is coming soon so we pulled out this interesting little artifact to help us celebrate!
This is the official program from Kings County’s Coronation Celebration for Queen Elizabeth II from June 2, 1953. On Wednesday, September 9th, this little artifact will take on special significance as Queen Elizabeth II will break the record for the longest reigning British monarch. For 63 years she has graciously held her post and seems content to do so for some years to come.

At the time of her official coronation ceremony in 1953, Kings County celebrated in style. The town was draped in bunting and Union Jack flags, a parade was held through the streets, a contingent of 750 school kids marched to the Court House to take part in the celebrations and fireworks blazed in the night sky, followed by “street dancing at the Court House, with music by Earl Henderson’s Orchestra.”
A heady affair indeed!

The Queen’s coronation was a celebration for more than the usual royal reasons; she was a young woman in her twenties, the wife of a dashing WWII naval officer (their Royal Wedding was a glamorous affair just five years earlier – a welcome celebration after the hardships of war), a mother of two small children, and an extremely attractive woman of style – and substance. There was also an air of sympathy for Elizabeth who, many felt, had lost her father, King George VI, much too early from the strain of a reign that was thrust upon him when his brother abdicated the throne.

Hampton was in a celebrating mood those many years ago and it is again as this majestic milestone approaches. On Wednesday at 2pm, the Town of Hampton and the Kings County Museum will host a celebration in honour of the Queen in the Town Square and on the former Court House lawn. All are welcome to attend the historic occasion, whether you are a staunch royal supporter, or are just appreciative of someone who has held the same job for 63 years and performs their role so well.

God Save the Queen.

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