Monday 11 February 2019

Heritage Week 2019

Heritage Week 2019
Each year at this time Canadians are invited to celebrate our heritage. This year, during the period February 11 - 18, the theme is Our Living History: Exploring our Cultural Heritage.
Museums such as the Kings County Museum have a critical part to play in preserving and celebrating our heritage, both physical and cultural. Museums provide a tangible link to our rich cultural history, and without them future generations will not have the opportunity to truly understand what our ancestors have achieved.
While much can be learned by reading about times past and looking at old photos, nothing compares to seeing it with your own eyes. When young people visit our museum and see how a roller organ (what I call "the ipod of a hundred years ago") works, and may even get to turn the crank and play the music themselves; when they see how underwear was originally made of two pieces that were fastened at the waist, and only in later years sewn into one garment and they suddenly understand why it is a PAIR of underwear, these experiences will stay with them far longer than reading an explanation in a book or on a computer screen.
We are open Thursday and Saturday afternoons all winter. Come by for a visit . . . and bring the kids.

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