Sunday 4 June 2017

It's the Details that Make the Difference

It's the Details that Make the Difference

This doesn't look like much . . .  just a wooden box about 11" by 6" in size.

But when you lift off the lid, you see this:

Variously known as a butter press, butter mold, butter stamp or butter print, these little wooden boxes transformed your block of butter into a work of art for presentation on your table. The "box" portion is open on both top and bottom and would be filled with butter, then "pressed" with the top, transferring the design to the top of the butter. This particular press has 8 separately carved panels held in place by brass screws: blackberry, pear, raspberry, sheaf of wheat, apples, strawberry, grapes and a leaf. Such care to even the smallest details of life!

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  1. Very interesting items, Your brief notes on each very informative too. Thanks for jogging our memories."